Michael Kurz

I’m a senior software developer at Irian Solutions in Vienna, Austria. My main focus there is to develop JSF and JEE applications for our customers. But we also do JSF trainings and we have a very close connection to the Apache MyFaces project (I’m Apache MyFaces committer).

Beside my work as software developer I also like to write about JSF-related stuff. In November 2009 my first book JavaServer Faces 2.0 was published at the dpunkt.verlag followed by the updated edition JavaServer Faces 2.2 in November 2013.

Furthermore I am responsible for the contents of the online JSF tutorial JSF@Work provided by Irian. The tutorial is currently only available in German. But stay tuned – this will change in the near future.

JavaServer Faces 2.2


5 responses to “Michael Kurz

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  2. Hello Michael,

    I want to try using FileUpload function in JSF2.2. Can you tell me which jar should I download/use? Currently, I am using javax.faces-2.1.14.jar.


  3. hi do you have your java server faces 2.2 in english if so please let me know


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